About Heather Greer

Heather Greer has lived on the Aughrus Peninsula, some 13 km beyond Clifden, in NW Connemara on the west coast of Ireland, since she retired from her consultancy business in 2006.  Prior to that time, since 1980 she was a frequent visitor to the area, staying then in Claddaghduff, right on Omey Strand.

Heather's main interests include wildlife and nature, history, photography, writing, teaching, traditional music, and the sea.  In addition to the books featured on this website, she has written and published a book on the Anglo concertina, and co-authored with Mary Lovett a sizeable book of Irish traditional music.  Her photographs have appeared in numerous newspapers, magazines, and exhibitions, and they are included in collections around the world.

This is probably about as much as you need or wish to know about the author. However, if you want to read the full background of Heather's work prior to retirement, read on below.

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The above may seem like a far cry from her professional life, but in reality much of it is merely an extension;  in many ways, Heather sees her professional life as a preparation for life after retirement!  Before she retired, Heather consulted to national energy agencies and to the European Commission, mainly on energy research policies and strategies, with a particular emphasis on climate change and reducing the impact of energy systems on greenhouse gas emissions. 

As an appointee to the European Commissioners for Research and for Energy and Transport, she advised on all aspects of the 6th and 7th Framework Programmes (Energy), covering energy technologies from renewables to nuclear fission and fusion, electricity distribution systems, energy efficiency and behaviour change.  With primary degrees in Engineering and in English, Heather holds an MSc in Management and Organisation Theory and a PhD in Social Psychology.  She is a Chartered Engineer, a Fellow of the Institution of Engineering and Technology and a Fellow of the International Society for Philosophical Enquiry, among others. 

Prior to her work in the energy/climate change field, Heather worked in management and organisational consultancy. With the Irish Management Institute (IMI) and Trinity College Dublin, she was Director of the joint IMI/TCD MSc Programme in Management Practice, intended for senior executives and chief executives; and she was Head of the IMI Faculty and Professional activities for four years before she left and founded a consultancy practice of her own.

Heather has written and co-authored many books and publications for the European Commission and Parliament, for national energy agencies, and for bodies such as the Irish National Economic and Social Council (NESC).