Omey Island - A Geological and Human History
Heather Greer

First published October 2018, by Connemara Doorstep.

Hard cover, gloss laminated covers, case-bound (thread-sewn for durability), full colour throughout, many images. 182 pages.  Includes comprehensive references, appendices, and index.

OMEY, a small tidal island lying off Claddaghduff in north west Connemara, has an air of magic about it.Everywhere you turn, questions are posed about its natural and human history.

Drawing on a diverse set of sources, this book explores as thoroughly as possible Omey's geology, and its long and turbulent human history. A third section of the book looks at Omey's future as an island; due to erosion and sea level rise, likely to end in the coming 200 years or so.  The dangers faced by places like Omey make it all the more important to document as much as possible about what makes it such a special place now.

Many visitors to Connemara in general, and Omey Island in particular, see it as an isolated region, cut off from the rest of the country, and indeed from the outside world.

Yet that is NOT the case.  It is simply not possible to understand the geology or the human history of Omey without taking into account its context.

So while this book has Omey Island at its heart, it is also about the geological development of Connemara;  and about the history of Ireland and the influences on Ireland - and on Omey! -  from England and the rest of the world.

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