My motivation in producing this book was simple enough: to promote the beauty, and the mystery, and the importance, of the moths and butterflies which surround us.

Of course, many people like butterflies well enough, and I love them, too.

With moths, it's different. So many people see moths as dull and brown, or a nuisance, or scary.  The reality of moths is that they can be every bit as colourful as butterflies; and their diversity in shape and size and pattern and numbr os species is far far greater than that of butterflies.  AND...the mix of butterflies and moths which we see around us tells us a great deal about the natural habitats we live within - and the health of those habitats.

This book aims to:

- Show, via large-format images, the beauty and diversity of the moths and butterflies which surround us, in our gardens, in the fields and in hedgerows and yes: on our own doorsteps.

- Provide information about each of the 120+ species featured, their lives and life-cycles, their defenses against predators, the plants they need in order to survive.

- Reveal the intimacy of the link between the MIX of species in one specific region (Connemara, on the very western edge of Europe) and the habitats which make up that region.