Contents include:

- Acknowledgements

- Preface - Michael Viney

- Introduction to the book

   - "Of butterflies and moths": 
       For example:
    (What are butterflies and moths? 
    Life cycle of butterflies and moths
    Why the complicated patterns?
    Identifying butterflies and moths)

Female Silver-washed Fritillary,
freshly emerged from chrysalis

- Species descriptions: 120+ butterflies and moths, with large-scale images of each species, descriptions of life cycles, foodplants, defense mechanisms, and sometimes the travails in finding and identifying them!
                                                                                                             Swallow-tailed moth

- Habitats of butterflies and moths (an analysis of the foodplants of the species included - 'mapped' onto the habitats of Connemara)

- The importance of reporting species

- Photographing butterflies and moths

- References and useful sources

A mating pair of Common Blue butterflies