On Your Doorstep: Moths and Butterflies of Connemara is written by Heather Greer - a resident of the Aughrus Peninsula, in NW Connamara - and published by Matador.

Heather was honoured when Michael Viney - author, weekly columnist with the national Irish Times, and himself a pioneering naturalist living in the west of Ireland - a man who by now is an institution among nature-lovers in Ireland and beyond - agreed to write an introduction to the book.In the Preface, Michael writes:
"Heather Greer's beautiful and knowledgeable book is itself a revelation...Dr Greer offers a lucid and engaging introduction to moth and butterfly biology and her first-hand exploration of the insects and plants in their Connemara habitats make this a fine contribution...".

"On Your Doorstep"...
- Published by Matador
- Paperback (French flaps)
- 216mm x 216mm
- 257 pages of heavy-duty art paper, in full colour
- Original cover illustration by Adam Walker-Parker
- 120+ species of butterflies and moths found in Connemara, with multiple large-format images, and descriptions which include information about life-cycles, foodplants, defenses - and in many cases about how Heather and her partner tracked down the species, without the use of light-traps or specialised equipment.

- Photographs of some 40 important (and sometimes not so well-known) wild plants which form important food for the species described.

                                                                                                Rock Sea-spurrey,           
                                                                                        one of the important coastal
                                                                                                foodplants of the
                                                                                             Marbled Coronet moth